• wedding design according to your wishes
  • budget planning including Traumplan’s service
  • location
  • catering/restaurant
  • counseling at appointments with service partners
  • communication with service partners
  • schedule for the wedding day
  • organisation of entertainment and coordination of contributions
  • logistics
  • supervision on the wedding day
  • documentation

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Your personal wedding design, as a guideline for implementing.

  • wedding date
  • schedules for your preparations and the wedding day
  • location
  • catering/restaurant
  • wedding theme
  • colours, style, decoration, flowers
  • print design
  • music
  • fotographer, videographer
  • styling
  • logistics
  • your personal checklists

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  • detailled counseling
  • consulting regarding schedules, traditions, do‘s & don‘ts
  • personal checklist

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I am looking forward to meeting you! During our first contact we will create a rough picture of the wedding of your dreams. We will use 90 minutes to check the details of your wishes. After our appointment you will receive a summary of the highlights we discussed.

After our encounter I will create a custom-made offer, designed to meet your wishes perfectly.

Prior to every FirstContact I will research thourougly based on your informations. For this research and our meeting I will estimate €150,-. Of course you will get a refund when booking on of the packages.

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